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Bardon And Windows 8 In Secure Computing Environments
Bardon Data Systems Releases WinU 7 And Full Control 4
Bardon Data Systems Upgrades Full Control Internet
Bardon Data Systems Partners with The Pinnacle Corporation
Bardon Data Systems Announces Full Control 3 and WinU 6
Bardon Products Address Antivirus Vulnerability
Bardon Products Provide A Complete System Lockdown Solution
Bardon Products Stop Criminals
Bardon Products Help In Compliance To Sarbanes-Oxley
Bardon Products Protect Wireless-Enabled Computers
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Welcome to Bardon Data Systems, developers of award-winning Windows security management solutions including:
•  WinU, a security-oriented simplified replacement user interface,
•  Full Control, a security-oriented systems management product, and
•  Full Control Internet, for worldwide management, security, and oversight of diverse computer resources.

Bardon's security management software provides real-time active management, oversight, and audit-trail logging during the user's entire session, monitoring all user activities while logged on, and enforcing the management policies designated by your organization. They can stop malware, spyware, and Trojans, lock down USB ports, and prevent suspicious programs from installing themselves or running.

Bardon's solutions provide computer security, access control, file protection, user oversight, remote system administration and policy management. They feature activity audit trail logging, IT asset audit reports, desktop lockdown, mobile security, web browser monitor, system usage authorization, software distribution, troubleshooting tools, and helpdesk support.

Bardon's solutions protect against spyware, malware, adware, and Trojans, plugging a hole that traditional anti-virus products don't address.

Bardon's solutions support single sign on and biometric authentication, and can manage Internet-focused resources such as Application Service Provider (ASP) subscriptions, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and wireless mobile notebook computers.

Bardon's solutions are a key component of the desktop management and protection strategy for many organizations, including those at leading business, academic, municipal, government, and military institutions.

Bardon's solutions offer an excellent way to address the PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security requirements.

Bardon's solutions enhance Windows, making computers robust, reliable, and manageable. They work on all 32 bit versions of Windows from 95/98 to Vista and Windows 7 and 8, though Bardon does not recommend Windows 8 in a managed computing environment. Windows 10 is still being evaluated in this regard.

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