Bardon Data Systems
Full Control

- reviewed in Computer Buyer's Guide And Handbook (January 2000)

Full Control offers an excellent array of features for setting up separate privileges for individuals and for managing computers and access control remotely on a network. The administrator creates groups with certain access privileges and when a person logs on, Full Control checks which group he or she is in, and assigns rights accordingly. The usual access-control options are offered -- hiding certain icons (like Internet and Windows Explorer or the Recycle Bin), hiding drives, and restricting which programs a person can run. Boot-time protection is provided to prevent bypassing the security, and access to system-control settings can be limited in a variety of ways.

However, Full Control, true to its name, offers the finest control over access parameters of all the utilities we tested. For example, rather than just approving or denying you permission to run a certain application, the administrator can actually enable a program while disabling certain dialog boxes within it. Rather than hiding entire drives, Full Control can hide or allow read-only access to folders or single files. It can also make exceptions. For example, a certain folder may be hidden, but a single file in that folder can be readable. This is useful because sometimes an application will not run when a certain file is invisible.

Administration Manager Screenshot

Full Control allows the administrator to set time limits for individuals, which might reset each session, each day, or each week. It also provides extensive remote control via a network connection. The administrator can log off a person, power down a system, send short messages through a pop-up dialog box, edit the registry, reset time limits, and start or stop applications.

Full Control's security configuration can also be remotely manipulated. Detailed logs and reports of individual and system activity can also be gathered. The program offers a Rollback function that takes a periodic snapshot of the configuration files so that if those files are corrupted, the system can be restored easily.

Full Control Screenshot

Full Control is a massively flexible program that provides extensive access control and system information to an administrator who can be remotely located. Although the program can control a single PC very effectively, its ability to manage systems and individuals over a network makes the product especially powerful. Full Control deserves careful consideration as an access-control solution for many people at numerous machines or a few individuals with varying access privileges using a single computer.