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Products: Full Control
Full Control
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Full Control is a complete yet economical Windows security access management system that has many features heretofore found only in high-end tools, including system stabilization, access control, anti-malware, remote configuration, and web-browser oversight. It includes a LAN-wide management system that cuts the time and effort spent maintaining PCs in the corporate environment. It also features tech support and helpdesk tools that speed problem diagnosis and resolution. Its centralized administration tools are very useful in managing across the LAN, yet Full Control is equally valuable on non-networked computers such as laptops.

Full Control allows the administrator to monitor and control all computers LAN-wide from one central location. It includes the ability to update, logoff, shut down, reboot or reconfigure Full Control stations anywhere on the LAN, send popup text messages to individual Full Control stations or broadcast them to all Full Control computers.

Full Control can monitor all browser activity, log all accessed websites, and deny access to unauthorized sites. It can make files or folders read-only or invisible to prevent unauthorized access. It can control any window, such as Options dialogs or Control Panel applets, through which the user might change settings or access the file system. It can deny or password-protect Ctrl+Alt+Del and similar keys. It can prevent users from bypassing Windows at startup, lock the CD-ROM drive to prevent removal of valuable CDs, and provide a minute-by-minute audit trail of all system activity.

Full Control's One Click System Stabilization allows the user full access to authorized software yet prevents accidental or malicious system modifications. This prevents new software from being installed by anyone except you, the system administrator. It also prevents any executable virus, spyware, malware, adware, or Trojan from running, whether it is an older 'known' virus or a brand new 'unknown' virus. Viruses, spyware, malware, adware, worms and Trojans are programs, and you (the administrator) have not set your Bardon product to allow them to run. So even if your anti-virus software has not yet been updated to identify the new nasties, they will not be able to affect your computers. If the virus program can't run, it can't infect your systems, or delete files, or take over your computer.

Full Control features Intrusion Control which watches for malware-like behavior in real-time on the computer, and prevents nasties including spyware, malware, adware, and Trojans from setting themselves up on your system in the first place. It can protect silently and automatically, or ask what it should do when it discovers a questionable situation. The administrator can even customize it to handle different kinds of attacks in different ways.

Full Control can also lock down data flow to/from USB ports and similar external sources, such as CD and DVD drives. This can prevent unauthorized data leaving the computer (data theft) as well as preventing unauthorized data entering the computer (spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, and similar nasties).

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Click here for system requirements and more information on Full Control. Or click here for the entire Full Control manual in Acrobat PDF format.


"The finest control over access parameters of all the utilities we tested. Full Control offers an excellent array of features for setting up separate privileges for individuals and for managing computers and access control remotely on a network. Full Control is a massively flexible program that provides extensive access control and system information to an administrator who can be remotely located. Although the program can control a single PC very effectively, its ability to manage systems and individuals over a network makes the product especially powerful." (Computer Buyers Guide)


"Geared towards large institutions and companies [Full Control] features network wide application install and uninstall, as well as full network logon security, allowing only registered users access to a machine. The unique rollback feature takes a snapshot of a system configuration at definable intervals. You can go back to a previous snapshot when a malicious event or person may have affected a computer's well being." (TechTV)


"Chemical companies have traditionally focused security efforts on preventing outside attacks, but now these breaches are just as likely to come from within. One of the unfortunate lessons of the 11 September attacks is how much damage can be done by overlooking security details. Fortunately, there are solutions. Full Control enforces the password log-on on all versions of Windows and provides an ongoing audit trail of all user activities during the session while protecting computer resources (programs, files, drives) from unauthorised tampering or modification. This higher level of security is important, even for current versions of Windows. A barbed wire enclosure and 24-hour armed patrol offer little protection if an employee can quietly vanish in the night with critical information loaded onto a floppy disk." (Chemistry & Industry Magazine)


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