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Below are a few Full Control press reviews and user testimonials that you might find of interest.

Full Control Press Reviews:

"Companies, agencies, and institutions that prefer to let employees use only authorized applications can employ this software to give users access to authorized software, but deny the ability to change the computer's setup or delete important files ... companies will no longer need a technician to fix problems caused by unauthorized user modifications." (VAR Business)

"Allows administrators to set up user-specific parameters such as time limits, World Wide Web-browser usage tracking, remote administration and configuration locking." (Computerworld)

"Security at a cost anyone can afford ... Most computer and network security systems are too complex for safe deployment. To the rescue: Bardon Data Systems Full Control. A middling technician can install it in 10 minutes to an hour [yet] Full Control is nearly infinitely configurable. It can keep log files showing everything every user does [and] can keep particular users out of restricted programs. Test results: [Full Control] tracked our diverse population of not all well-behaved programs stably and without a whimper -- proof that it's possible to write unbuggy software without years of major revisions at customer expense." (CPA Computer Report)

"Using Full Control, IT managers can set time limits, enable logging, monitor Web browser usage, control software access and remotely administer Windows client workstations. Each Full Control user can have individual security and oversight settings, and [administrators] can manage and control Full Control computers remotely across a network." (ENT: The Independent Newspaper for Windows NT Enterprise Computing)

"A complete security access-control system ... provides reliable access control, even in Safe Mode, while still allowing regular PC usage." (Information Week)

Winner, WORLD CLASS Award: "It's rare for a company to hit a home run with the first version of a new product, but that's just what Bardon Data Systems does with Full Control, which earns our World Class award ... an excellent product ... its ease of installation, incredible number of configuration options, and the unobtrusive way in which it works make it a must-have for anyone who manages Windows 95 and 98 workstations." (Network World)

"Excellent ... provides detailed control over users' systems, making it a good choice for corporate administrators." (PC Week)

"First class system security: protect[s] computer systems against unauthorized use of system functions, programs and files. ... With programs like these, it's of great importance [for the system manager] that the program is easy to use. The system manager has little to complain about. Various user- and group configurations can be made that can all be managed from a central location and that can be adjusted 'on the fly'. All user activity can be monitored remotely ... Full Control [does] a very good and thorough job both in terms of offering protection as well as in reporting afterwards." (Computer!Totaal magazine)

"The Best Software For The Office: Can make an enormous diference ... Full Control provides networked or single-user Windows systems a super management solution in just a few minutes." (EyeWorld)

"Addicted to the Net: Need help monitoring your employees' Internet use? Full Control tracks sites visited and time spent online." (Business Start-Ups Magazine)

"The finest control over access parameters of all the utilities we tested. Full Control offers an excellent array of features for setting up separate privileges for individuals and for managing computers and access control remotely on a network. Full Control is a massively flexible program that provides extensive access control and system information to an administrator who can be remotely located. Although the program can control a single PC very effectively, its ability to manage systems and individuals over a network makes the product especially powerful." (Computer Buyers Guide)

[Full Control] features network wide application install and uninstall, as well as full network logon security, allowing only registered users access to a machine. The unique rollback feature takes a snapshot of a system configuration at definable intervals. You can go back to a previous snapshot when a malicious event or person may have affected a computer's well being."(TechTV)

"Chemical companies have traditionally focused security efforts on preventing outside attacks, but now these breaches are just as likely to come from within. One of the unfortunate lessons of the 11 September attacks is how much damage can be done by overlooking security details. Fortunately, there are solutions. Full Control enforces the password log-on on all versions of Windows and provides an ongoing audit trail of all user activities during the session while protecting computer resources (programs, files, drives) from unauthorized tampering or modification. This higher level of security is important, even for current versions of Windows. A barbed wire enclosure and 24-hour armed patrol offer little protection if an employee can quietly vanish in the night with critical information loaded onto a floppy disk." (Chemistry & Industry Magazine)


User Testimonials:

"Full Control has worked beautifully. We use it as security and to monitor Internet access. I used to have to go around and touch each computer every other day, and since we it put on I only have to touch them every two or three months. I think it's a fantastic product." (Cheryl Stevens, Tolland High School, Tolland CT)

"The program is working FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! It is the answer to 98% of my service calls in the field. Since it is just me and I have one mainframe, six file servers, 50 desktops and 18 mobiles (in the field), I do not have any time to be re-ghosting. The interface (first "true" user friendly I have ever seen) and install is flawless. We deployed from a memory stick with a clone file and had them all completed in two days. It would have gone faster if the cars were available in a timely fashion. Thank You, Thank You!!!!! For making my life easier!!! (Sgt. Ed Kemph, Franklin Park Police Dept.)

"It's a good product ... we've been very pleased. The biggest advantage is that it helps reduce the amount of time we've got to spend repairing the computers from accidental or intentional tinkering by students. It gives us the ability to control what they do so it's brought our maintenance time down. ... The network management really does make life easier in that I can make changes in the building and it's automatically propagated everywhere." (Chris Stanley, Hamblen County Board of Education, Morristown TN)