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Here is Full Control's complete revision history.

Full Control 4.0 (released November 17 2010):

•  This release supports all 32 bit x86 versions of Windows, including Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. There are also new low level components, internal updates, and support for Microsoft's HTML Help system and the most recent versions of Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Running under Windows 8 requires using a tool such as WinAero's free Skip Metro Suite to disable the new-style Windows overlay.

Full Control 3.5 (released June 1 2009):

•  Added support for Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, and Opera web browsers. Added support for customized and OEM web browsers. Added strong-password support at option of the administrator. Updated system time sanity check. Some minor enhancements necessary to address XP Service Pack 3. Removed redundant internal tests and crosschecks.

Full Control 3.1-3.4:

•  Internal and custom versions, not publicly released.

Full Control 3.0 (released September 1 2006):

•  Intrusion Control watches for malware-like behavior in real-time on the computer, and prevents nasties including spyware, malware, adware, and Trojans from setting themselves up on your system. USB Port Control can lock down data flow to/from USB ports and similar external sources, such as CD and DVD drives, to prevent unauthorized data leaving the computer (data theft) as well as preventing unauthorized data entering the computer (spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, etc). Cloaked Registry Key keeps settings invisible, inaccessible, and secure. Removed little-used features (checkpoint/rollback, license metering, display restrictions, registry backup, window monitor "repeatedly" option, test frequency, MS-DOS Mode support, Admin Manager based time/logon management). Added window control "do nothing" (exceptions) mechanism. Added some copy-all and clear-all buttons. Can use root of share as Administration Manager message folder. Can now have 999 saved diagnostic snapshots (tenfold increase). Managed programs don't need a path, if specified without a path (just the final filename) then that program will match no matter where it is on your system. Displays computer name in main Configuration screen.

Full Control 2.12 (released April 4, 2005):

•  Enhancements necessary to address XP Service Pack 2, including new low-level drivers, new Remote Administration Manager, new uninstaller, and many internal updates.

Full Control 2.11 (released September 5, 2003):

•  Updated and enhanced low-level drivers. Fixed Full Control bugs and found workarounds for Windows bugs. Can now specify NT/2K/XP folders displayed in open/save dialogs. Can specify network-based applications in System Stabilization mode.

Full Control 2.10 (released December 11, 2002):

•  Enhanced filesystem usage under Windows 2000 and XP, including more effective management of permissions-locked folders under NTFS. Fixed Full Control bugs and found workarounds for Windows bugs. Internal rewrite and update of low level Bardon components. Auto-closed windows, including Customize windows, can be overridden by Window Control.

Full Control 2.9 maintenance releases 1-4 (throughout 2002):

•  Support for Identix biometric validation, support for Windows XP, web-based online documentation, and internal enhancements and fixes.

Full Control 2.9 (released July 30, 2001):

•  Added a One Click System Stabilization option which easily allows all currently installed programs, but prevents new programs from being installed or run. The setting to lock taskbar Tray icons will also lock the Quick Launch icons (on the taskbar next to the Start button). Enhanced Windows 2000 support.

Full Control 2.8 (released December 1, 2000):

•  Enhancements to Full Control and Remote Administration Manager that decrease network traffic overhead while improving reliability.

Full Control 2.7 (released October 20, 2000):

•  Added support for Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Removed pages-printed oversight since that was only supported in Windows 95/98 - now all options are supported in all versions of Windows. Updated the Emergency Passwords mechanism to address a security breach. Added parent-title Window Control, monthly checkpoint option. Remote Administration Manager can clear the logfile.

Full Control 2.6 (released August 5, 2000):

•  Enhanced web-browser oversight to increase effectiveness. Window Control now rechecks windows when titles change. Many internal components reorganized/replaced to improve efficiency. Renamed "Administration Screen" to "Configuration Screen" to avoid confusion with Administration Manager. This release includes Administration Manager 2.5.3 which has numerous internal enhancements.

Full Control 2.5 (released February 28, 2000):

•  Logs the active (foreground) window as it changes through the session, with separate entries each webpage visited, Word document edited, etc. This report provides a good way to see exactly what the user did, in what order, and for how long. Can reset the Windows interface on exit, forcing Windows to reload settings such as Start menu entries and restrictions. Enhanced the Allowed Websites feature to make it more robust. Allowed Folders (in Window Control) will accept files as well as folders. New buttons on the Window Control and Time Control tabs can copy settings to another group. Modified NT oversight to accommodate slower NT systems. Loads faster at startup. Includes Administration Manager 2.4 and License Meter Manager 3.3 which are fully compatible with WinU 5 and require less network resources. Administration Manager 2.4 can generate the new active (foreground) window report remotely.

Full Control 2.4:

•  Internal version, not released.

Full Control 2.3 (released November 6, 1999):

•  Can list Allowed Websites; if using this option all other websites are prohibited. Enhanced ability to control browsers viewing files on the local file system. No longer removes the File menu from Explorer, to provide compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (which reacts poorly when this documented Microsoft-standard option is invoked.) New Shutdown applet and enhanced Logoff applet are both installed onto the Start menu. Fixes a bug in the Per-Process File Control which prevented clone files from including the regular Per-Group File Control settings, and a bug which could prevent blocking Ctrl+Alt+Del under NT. This release includes Administration Manager 2.3 and Meter Manager 3.2. Administration Manager 2.3 displays more information on the status of the remote computers being monitored, and can request a remote directory listing. Both are fully resizable.

Full Control 2.2 (released September 10, 1999):

•  Can accommodate non-standard system shells. Reads clone files faster, and displays a message while they are being read at startup. Can be set to skip the registry backup at startup if you prefer a faster Full Control launch sequence at the expense of a bit of safety. The hotkey is recognized in setup mode, and when the active application is a DOS window. Uses less system overhead so it runs better on older computers. Can disable Alt+Enter (shows Properties) in Explorer, and fixes a shell-display bug at NT startup. Administration Manager 2.2 allows remote control of WinU 5 desk logoff, and fixes a bug in the Version Update feature.

Full Control 2.1 (released July 22, 1999):

•  File Control can now be per-program as well as per-user, so different programs can have different file/folder access rights. Enhanced TCP/IP support for better network communication between the Meter Manager, the Administration Manager, WinU, and Full Control. Can lock down icons in the Tray area of the taskbar (next to the clock). Better NT support, license metering, and remote updates.

Full Control 2.0 (released June 1, 1999):

•  Users are now members of Groups, and virtually all settings are now per-group. Users can be assigned to groups one at a time, or en masse. Desktop icons can be locked, desktop drag-and-drop can be disabled, all desktop icons can be removed, desktop icon view can be selected, Start button can be locked, and the entire Taskbar can be hidden. All these desktop options become active immediately, no reboot necessary. Runs on NT. Setup Mode hotkey option. Import/export plain text settings files. Improved Administration Manager and License Meter Manager. More logon-validation options. Enhanced web-browser monitor. Better international support.

Full Control 1.5 (released July 13, 1998):

•  Can designate exactly which folders a user can open or save files in, much more strongly than the previous Window Control mechanism. Desktop icons can't be moved or renamed. More detailed Diagnostic Snapshot for better troubleshooting assistance. Remote Administration Manager can view this enhanced Diagnostic Snapshot information with any status request. Remote Administration Manager can save status report to file. Full Control can limit user access to Active Desktop, Favorites, Windows Update and other Win98/IE4 options. Enhanced license metering, including metering of software suites. Better control of browsers viewing non-Web files. Better method of identifying a SafeMode boot. Full Control components are now invisible in the Ctrl+Alt+Del window. Faster processing of remote communication from the Remote Administration Manager and Message Manager. Fixed multiple eyes in taskbar. Closes Dial-Up Networking management access (in Explorer and My Computer) if Control Panel access is disabled. Better control of disallowed Explorer options, including file deletion.

Full Control 1.3-1.4:

   Internal and custom versions, not publicly released.

Full Control 1.2 (released June 1, 1998):

   Can run allowed DOS programs even if DOS is generally disabled. Better control of disallowed Explorer options. Enhanced remote status reports. Fixed conflict with certain antivirus and similar utilities that caused slowdowns and odd hangups. Added quiet-mode install option for automated remote installations. Coexists better with antivirus and other system-like applications.

Full Control 1.1 (released May 12, 1998):

   Diagnostic Snapshot logging to aid in analysis of odd or erratic computer behavior. Prevents use of Cancel at Windows logon. Can't run Task Manager at Windows logon. More effectively prevents access to My Computer, Control Panel, etc. Coexists better with antivirus and other system-like applications. Restarts itself on error within 90 seconds. Better integration with Windows 98 (follow that beta). Can run on diskless workstations.

Full Control 1.0 (released March 20, 1998)

•  Initial release.