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Products: Full Control Internet
Full Control Internet
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Full Control Internet is a comprehensive management system that cuts the time and effort spent maintaining Windows PCs enterprise-wide. It allows administrators to manage and oversee hundreds or even thousands of computers simultaneously, over the Internet, from anywhere in the world. This includes mobile computers that may not always be connected to the enterprise network. The managed computers can be monitored and updated individually or in groups. User activity can be logged, audited, and controlled. Helpdesk and support staff have a new worldwide channel for remote file updates, user communications, computer maintenance and remote repair. These powerful tools strengthen administrative capabilities and improve remote management of systems. In addition, Windows itself can be hardened, inherently making the computer more reliable, stable, and secure.

Full Control Internet allows the administrator to dynamically monitor and control all managed computers worldwide from one central location. This includes the ability to remotely update, logoff, shut down, reboot or reconfigure Full Control Internet stations. The administrator can remotely roll back settings to a previous configuration, initiate realtime two-way chat, or broadcast popup text messages to any or all managed computers. Full Control Internet can even send alerts on administrator-definable anomalous events.

Full Control Internet's One Click System Stabilization allows full user access to authorized software yet prevents accidental or malicious system modifications. The software also includes a potent set of features to manage user access to software programs and system configuration, monitor Web browser activity, allow time management, and control user right of entry. It can make files or folders read-only or invisible to prevent unauthorized access. It can control any window, such as Options dialogs or Control Panel applets, through which the user might change settings or access the file system. It can deny or password-protect Ctrl+Alt+Del and similar keys. It can prevent users from bypassing Windows at startup, lock the CD-ROM drive to prevent removal of valuable CDs, and provide a minute-by-minute audit trail of all system activity.

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Click here for system requirements and more information on Full Control Internet. Or click here for the entire Full Control Internet manual in Acrobat PDF format.


"Provides nearly all-encompassing control, and this iteration of the product does it over IP ... even Houdini (not to mention a determined salesperson) would have a hard time wriggling out of [it] ... allows IT managers to control any system that can see the IP address of the management console ... effectively cuts through the plethora of free management tools in later versions of Windows, such as group policies." (eWeek: Click here for entire review.)


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