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Full Control Internet is a comprehensive management system that cuts the time and effort spent maintaining Windows PCs enterprise-wide. It allows administrators to manage and oversee hundreds or even thousands of computers simultaneously, over the Internet, from anywhere in the world. This includes mobile computers that may not always be connected to the enterprise network. The managed computers can be monitored and updated individually or in groups. User activity can be logged, audited, and controlled. Helpdesk and support staff have a new worldwide channel for remote file updates, user communications, computer maintenance and remote repair. These powerful tools strengthen administrative capabilities and improve remote management of systems. In addition, Windows itself can be hardened, inherently making the computer more reliable, stable, and secure.

Best choice product: What are the differences between WinU, Full Control, and Full Control Internet? To learn which product will best meet your needs, click here.

Want more information on Full Control Internet? Click here for the entire manual in Acrobat PDF format.

Summary of features:

Remote Management

• Internet-based central administration of managed computers worldwide
• Configure one computer, then distribute those settings everywhere
• Full audit trail activity log of all program usage and user activity
• Diagnostic tools and realtime chat aid in helpdesk support
• Built-in reports and graphs, or export data to any database or spreadsheet
• Administrator-definable Event Alerts provide notification of anomalous events

Interface Oversight

• Secure management of the standard Windows desktop interface
• Prevents desktop icons from being deleted, moved or renamed
• Prevents access to undesired Start button options, Taskbar menus, and tray icons
• Individual time limits and security settings for each application, and for each user
• Define blockout periods, during which nothing is available
• Ctrl+Alt+Del blocking, Windows/Apps keys blocking, inactivity timeout
• Per-user configuration options are set automatically at logon

Web Browser Monitor

• World Wide Web browser monitor can log all Web activity
• Can prevent Web browser from accessing files on local hard disk
• Can limit Web browsers to a list of allowed sites

Remote oversight: Full Control Internet's system administration capabilities can maintain any size setup, from enterprise networked installations to a single standalone computer. All computers, anywhere in the world, can be managed from one central location. This includes the ability to remotely monitor, update, logoff, shut down, reboot or reconfigure Full Control Internet stations. Administrators can remotely manipulate the Registry, see and change the status of remote computers, and more, all from one central location. Administrators can also run commands remotely -- installers, uninstallers, maintenance programs, batch files, or any other software. These commands can even be broadcast to all stations at once, a handy way to automate software or file distribution or do any other mass-manipulation chores.

System stabilization: After you set up your systems the way you want them, what will keep them that way? What prevents the installation and use of unauthorized software, as soon as you turn your back? Full Control Internet features One Click System Stabilization to prevent unauthorized software download, installation, and use.

Internet and application oversight: Full Control Internet allows software or Internet usage based on the administrator's specifications. It logs all computer activity, all attempts to access unauthorized files, folders, or websites, attempted password hacking, and more. Its built-in reports and graphs can analyze this information, or the data can be exported to any database or spreadsheet.

Access control: Full Control Internet provides reliable security coverage, even in Safe Mode. It lets the system administrator specify exactly what programs can be run, by whom, and for how long. It allows full access to authorized software and Internet resources, yet prevents accidental or malicious system modifications. The user is validated at logon, can't run other programs, can't change the computer's setup, can't get to restricted files, folders, or websites. Full Control Internet can also control keyboard and mouse activity, boot-time behavior, shutdown options, file-save directories, and more.

Configuration tracking and helpdesk support: When a computer acts oddly or crashes for no reason, wouldn't it be handy if support staff could call up a minute-by-minute list of all running programs? That's what Diagnostic Snapshot Logging is all about. It even lists hidden programs that won't show up on the Close Programs (Ctrl+Alt+Del) screen. And after the problem is identified, the Rollback feature allows you to undo unintended or malicious configuration changes when misguided users, flawed applications or incomplete uninstallers make a mess of your computer.

Logon validation: Full Control Internet can validate users at logon, even on laptops and other stand-alone Windows computers -- no network or server is required. Unlike the standard-issue Windows logon screen, Full Control Internet ensures that only valid users can log on. Full Control Internet coordinates with your network server to ensure that invalid users cannot log on, even just onto the local computer.

What it looks like: By default, Full Control Internet puts a small tray icon next to the clock on the taskbar. (It can be hidden if desired.) Click this tray icon to list the current program and user time limits, and a menu with password-protected setup and session options.

System requirements: Full Control Internet runs under Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It takes up only about 1.5 MB of disk space, and is considerate of your system setup. Full Control Internet includes a well-designed uninstaller that will remove all its files from your system should that be necessary.