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Here is Full Control Internet's complete revision history.

Full Control Internet 1.6 (released October 16, 2009):

•  Added support for Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, and Opera web browsers. Added support for customized and OEM web browsers. Added strong-password support at option of the administrator. Updated system time sanity check. Some minor enhancements necessary to address XP Service Pack 3. Removed redundant internal tests and crosschecks. Removed little-used features (checkpoint/rollback, display restrictions, registry backup, MS-DOS Mode support). Enhancements necessary to allow Remote Administration Manager to run in a port forwarding environment.

Full Control Internet 1.5:

•  Internal version, not publicly released.

Full Control Internet 1.4 (released April 4, 2005):

•  Enhancements necessary to address XP Service Pack 2, including new low-level drivers, new uninstaller, and many internal updates.

Full Control Internet 1.3 (released September 5, 2003):

•  Updated and enhanced low-level drivers. Fixed Full Control bugs and found workarounds for Windows bugs. Can now specify NT/2K/XP folders displayed in open/save dialogs. Merged Compliance Edition and Standard Edition so all Compliance Edition features are now available to all users. Can specify network-based applications in System Stabilization mode.

Full Control Internet 1.2 (released December 11, 2002):

•  Enhanced filesystem usage under Windows 2000 and XP, including more effective management of permissions-locked folders under NTFS. Fixed Full Control Internet bugs and found workarounds for Windows bugs. Internal rewrite and update of low level Bardon components. Auto-closed windows, including Customize windows, can be overridden by Window Control. Enhanced security protection for wireless-enabled laptops.

Full Control Internet 1.1 (released August 7, 2002):

•  Maintenance release.

Full Control Internet 1.0 (released June 17, 2002):

•  Initial release.