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Bardon Data Systems Upgrades Full Control Internet

ALBANY, Calif. (October 16, 2009) - Bardon Data Systems today released Full Control Internet 1.6, an upgraded version that enhances the security and manageability of Windows computers in large enterprise settings.

Full Control Internet allows administrators to manage and oversee hundreds or even thousands of computers simultaneously, over the Internet, from anywhere in the world. The remote computers can be monitored and updated individually or as a group. The operating system software can be hardened, making it more reliable and secure. User activity can be logged and managed.

Full Control Internet includes a potent set of security features to manage access to software programs and system configuration, monitor Web browser activity, allow time management, and control user right of entry. It also provides system administrators with powerful tools that strengthen administrative capabilities, improve remote management, and assist in helpdesk and diagnostic support.

This new release adds support for the Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, and Opera web browsers, as well as customized and OEM web browsers. It also adds strong-password support at the option of the system administrator.

"We designed Full Control Internet to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to serve the needs of a wide variety of users," said Barry Smiler, President of Bardon Data Systems. "Its distributed design is completely scalable, making it perfect for maintaining systems in a large corporate enterprise."

Full Control Internet is the most recent addition to Bardon's Full Control series. These earlier versions of Full Control have been very well received. When first released, Network World (the leading publication dedicated to computer networking) named the original Full Control one of the "Top 10 Products of 1998." More recently, Computer Buyers Guide praised Full Control saying that it had "the finest control over access parameters of all the utilities we tested ... its ability to manage systems and individuals over a network makes the product especially powerful."

Full Control Internet Saves Time and Money

Systems administrators can decide how much freedom users have to change computer configurations, install new software and access files. Unauthorized software installation and system reconfiguration can be extremely costly for companies in both dollars and downtime.

"With Full Control Internet, systems administrators know that their systems are being maintained exactly as they want them to be," said Smiler. "No more frantic phone calls from traveling business people who 'thought' that adding a new, bug-filled download would help them and, instead, crashed their system right before their big presentation."

Gartner Group, the respected industry analyst firm, has estimated an annual total cost of ownership (TCO) of $13,187 per year per Windows-based PC, in part due to the cost of repairing configuration damage caused by unsophisticated or malicious users. With machines protected by Full Control Internet, companies can dramatically reduce the costs associated with this problem.

In businesses where the staff shares PCs, especially where laptops are used by multiple employees for business travel, Full Control Internet can be both a time saver and a security system. Each user can have a unique configuration that allows access to only their own folders, making the folders of other users completely invisible to the system. It also protects the system from unauthorized access to delicate corporate information in the event the PC or laptop is lost or stolen.


Remote Administration: Full Control Internet allows a network administrator to manage all of the company's computers from a single location anywhere on the Internet. This includes the ability to remotely monitor activity, work interactively with users, update, logoff, shutdown, reboot or reconfigure systems. System administrators can centrally manage and control all their computers "on the fly" in real time, no matter where the computer is physically located. They can also provide automated, individualized policies that specify exactly what software programs can be run, by whom and for how long. Full Control Internet allows complete use of authorized software while it prevents accidental or malicious system modifications.

Web Monitoring Capability: With its unique Web monitoring capabilities, Full Control Internet can be configured to allow unlimited access to the Internet while still tracking what sites are visited. This solves the dilemma for companies that want to give their employees access to the Internet but are afraid of the downside of time spent on sites dealing with non-business content. "When people know their activity is being recorded they usually avoid Web sites with questionable content," said Smiler. "For most situations, Full Control is actually more effective than blocking software, since it doesn't become out-of-date or need continuous updating. Once it's installed, companies can feel comfortable allowing staff access to the Internet and its wealth of information."

Log Software Usage and Track System Changes: Full Control Internet provides a wealth of data so systems administrators and other executives can review how the organization's computers are being utilized. While in operation, it logs all software usage, changes made to the system, attempts at accessing locked folders and files, attempted hacking, and all World Wide Web activity. Administrators can access this information by groups or by individual user. With this data, managers can make informed decisions for financial asset management, human resources, helpdesk, and security purposes. Full Control Internet's built-in reports and graphs can analyze the information or it can easily be exported to any database or spreadsheet.

Diagnostic Snapshot Logging: Like the "black box" on a commercial airliner, Full Control Internet monitors minute-by-minute activity that can be reviewed in the event of a system malfunction. It can help diagnose what caused the crash and can be especially helpful when a user is talking with helpdesk or technical support staff.

System Requirements and Pricing

Full Control Internet runs on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP computer. Full Control Internet is priced at $79.95 per seat, with corporate quantity purchase discounts available. Special discounts are also available for schools, colleges and libraries. For more information visit the company's Web site at

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Bardon Data Systems ( is a privately-held software publishing company. Originally a technology consultancy, it released its first management/security product in 1995 and has built on its success since then. The Company's products address the computer security and system stabilization needs of companies and organizations in many arenas, including business, medicine, government, public safety, defense, and education. Bardon has received commendations and best-of-breed awards from many sources.

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