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Symantec Reports Antivirus Vulnerability
Bardon Products Address This Vulnerability

ALBANY, Calif. (May 26, 2006) - Security researchers have announced that Symantec Corp.'s leading antivirus software, which protects some of the world's largest corporations and U.S. government agencies, suffers from a flaw that lets hackers seize control of computers to steal sensitive data, delete files or implant malicious programs.

"Symantec Antivirus is susceptible to a remote code-execution vulnerability. This issue allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code with system-level privileges, facilitating the complete compromise of affected computers," the company said in an alert Friday to customers of its own DeepSight Threat Management System.

Although Symantec will certainly fix this particular vulnerability rapidly, the problem illustrates the critical need for enterprises to use a layered approach to IT security. By using multiple layers of antivirus, firewall protection, antispyware, and client-side access management tools, administrators have the highest level of security against intrusive and malicious IT attacks.

Bardon's Products Can Help

Bardon's products WinU, Full Control, and Full Control Internet provide the client-side access management tools necessary to protect the computer against running unauthorized programs and executiables. With this layer in place, users cannot run malware or access secured parts of the computer. This layer of security can protect a computer when other aspects such as antivirus and antispyware fail, as happened in this case.

System Requirements and Pricing

Bardon's products WinU, Full Control, and Full Control Internet run on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP computer. They are priced at $59.95 to $79.95 per seat, with corporate quantity purchase discounts available. Special discounts are also available for schools, colleges and libraries. For more information visit the company's Web site at

About Bardon Data Systems

Bardon Data Systems is a privately-held software publishing company. Originally a technology consultancy, it released its first management/security product in 1995 and has built on its success since then. The Company's products have received commendations and best-of-breed awards from many sources. Over 500,000 licenses have been sold worldwide.

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