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Bardon Data Systems Recommends Not Using Windows 8
In Secure Computing Environments

ALBANY, Calif. (August 30 2013) - Microsoft released Windows 8 about a year ago, and has now unveiled a preview version of its upcoming Windows 8.1 version. After testing these versions of Windows, Bardon Data Systems cannot recommend any version of Windows 8 for use in a secure and managed computing environment.

While Bardon's software products will work in a properly configured Windows 8 environment, this latest version of Windows is significently different from previous versions, and contains many holes, backdoors, access points, and other troubling elements. In addition, the new Start screen and its associated new-style software create gaps in security coverage that cause difficulties in centrally managing and securing any such system.

Windows 8 Seems Intended For Personal Users, Not Enterprise

"Windows 8 seems targeted more towards individual users, on personal tablets and phones, and focuses much more on perceived personal ease-of-use elements and less on systemwide managability," said Bardon Data Systems CEO Barry Smiler. "Microsoft does not seem to have considered the needs of its larger business and institutional users when it developed Windows 8."

Bardon recommends that users interested in creating a secure and managed Windows environment continue to use Windows 7 at this time, skip Windows 8, and wait to evaluate future versions of Windows. Historically, Microsoft's releases of Windows and its other products have been up and down. Hopefully future versions of Windows will be easier for system administrators to manage in a controlled environment with a large number of users. Microsoft has publicly committed to supporting Windows 7 until at least 2020, providing plenty of time to address this issue.

About Bardon Data Systems

Bardon Data Systems ( is a privately-held software publishing company. Originally a technology consultancy, it released its first management/security product in 1995 and has built on its success since then. The Company's products address the computer security and system stabilization needs of companies and organizations in many arenas, including business, medicine, government, public safety, defense, and education. Bardon has received commendations and best-of-breed awards from many sources.

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