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Bardon Data Systems Announces
Full Control 3 and WinU 6
With New Intrusion Control Features

ALBANY, Calif. (September 1, 2006) - Businesses that use Windows computers will gain solid benefits from Full Control 3 and WinU 6, two new Windows management/security products from Bardon Data Systems. Both products were made available today.

New Intrusion Control Features

Malware Control: Full Control 3 and WinU 6 include new Intrusion Control capabilities that watch for suspicious behavior in real-time on the computer, and prevent malware, spyware, adware, browser hijacks, Trojans, and similar threats from setting themselves up on your system in the first place. They handle these threats silently and automatically, right out of the box. Or, if desired, the administrator can customize these features so different types of threats can be handled in different ways.

USB Control: Bardon's Intrusion Control can also oversee data flow to and from USB ports and similar external sources, such as CD and DVD drives. Today, tiny USB drives can easily hold thousands of pages of confidential data that could critically harm businesses if it fell into the wrong hands. The new Intrusion Control features can remove the threat of unauthorized data leaving the computer (data theft) as well as preventing unauthorized data entering the computer (spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, and similar nasties).

Helping Administrators Manage Computers

Both products have been well-received for many years by system administrators who are responsible for managing computers on behalf of businesses and similar organizations, and need to oversee and manage hundreds of computers simultaneously from one central location. "WinU and Full Control are especially useful where the person sitting in front of the computer is not the person who maintains and manages that computer," said Barry Smiler, President of Bardon Data Systems. "That's the situation at most enterprises these days. The IT staff is expected to manage the computers and provide security, support, repairs and updates. WinU and Full Control can help them manage more systems in less time."

As in previous versions, WinU and Full Control can harden the operating system software to make it more reliable and secure. User activity can be logged and managed, and access to software programs and system configuration can be specified and overseen remotely. These features provide system administrators with powerful tools that strengthen administrative capabilities. The software also assists in helpdesk and diagnostic support and includes a potent set of security features to monitor Web browser activity, allow time management, and control user right of entry.

WinU and Full Control provide the client-side access management tools necessary to protect the computer against running unauthorized programs and executiables. With this layer in place, users cannot run malware or access secured parts of the computer.

Differences Between WinU And Full Control

Both WinU and Full Control provide similar management oversight. The difference is in how the computer is presented to the user.

WinU replaces the standard Windows interface (taskbar, Start button, desktop icons, etc.) with a full-screen Simplified Replacement User Interface. WinU's simplified interface consists of big labeled buttons on a desk. Like a kiosk or an ATM machine, WinU's simplified interface is obvious and intuitive. It makes the computer easy to use, even for novices.

Full Control does not change the standard Windows interface, but works invisibly to harden the computer and prevent unauthorized or ill-advised actions by users.

System Requirements and Pricing

Bardon's products WinU and Full Control run on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP computer. They are priced at $59.95 per seat, with corporate quantity purchase discounts available. Special discounts are also available for schools, colleges and libraries. For more information visit the company's Web site at

About Bardon Data Systems

Bardon Data Systems is a privately-held software publishing company. Originally a technology consultancy, it released its first management/security product in 1995 and has built on its success since then. The Company's products have received commendations and best-of-breed awards from many sources. Over 500,000 licenses have been sold worldwide.

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Bardon Data Systems
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