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Full Control Internet Protects Wireless-Enabled Computers

ALBANY, Calif. (March 19, 2003) - Full Control Internet, the comprehensive Windows security product from Bardon Data Systems, can now protect wireless-enabled laptops by knowing if the mobile computer has a valid connection to the corporate wireless network. If a protected computer is accessed in a way it shouldn't, Full Control Internet can hide designated files and folders so they are completely invisible to a thief or attacker. It can also disable all networking, disallow programs, and lock system features. Yet, when the same computer is accessed by a valid user from an authorized connection point, these same features and files are available and can be run, viewed, edited, updated, or accessed (depending on the permissions granted to that user).

"Wireless networks are becoming increasingly common," said Barry Smiler, President of Bardon Data Systems. "More and more people will keep their critical data on laptops, which now won't even be tethered to the network by a cable. And more and more people will be working from "hot spots" outside the traditional LAN. All these computers outside the building make enticing targets."

"But often, even more valuable than the computers themselves are the files of data on them," Smiler continued. "The release of confidential information can be disasterous for a company. Unfortunately, the 'access from anywhere' promise of wireless networking opens up a new class of corporate vulnerabilities. Inevitably, with wireless networking, employees will work from coffee shops and hamburger stands all over America. Equally inevitably, their laptops, and the confidential data on them, will thus become 'targets of opportunity.' But with Full Control Internet, a thief who looks for files on a stolen computer will find nothing of interest. The target files will simply not exist."

Full Control Internet Provides Solid Security

In addition to this new feature, Full Control Internet provides security access control, audit trail, and real-time oversight of all user activity. It allows administrators to manage and oversee hundreds or even thousands of computers simultaneously, over the Internet, from anywhere in the world. The remote computers can be monitored and updated individually or as a group. The operating system software can be hardened, making it more reliable and secure. User activity can be logged and managed. These features provide system administrators with powerful tools that strengthen administrative capabilities and improve remote management of systems. The software also assists in helpdesk and diagnostic support and includes potent security features to manage access to software programs and system configuration, monitor Web browser activity, allow time management, and control user right of entry.

System Requirements and Pricing

Full Control Internet is available immediately. The single copy price is $79.95, with quantity discounts available. For more information visit the Bardon Data Systems Web site at

About Bardon Data Systems

Bardon Data Systems is a privately-held software publishing company. Originally a technology consultancy, it released WinU in 1995. The Company's products have received commendations and best-of-breed awards from many sources. Over 500,000 licenses have been sold worldwide.

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