The differences between...
Full Control
Full Control Internet

WinU and Full Control are designed for smaller organizations where all users are on a single LAN segment. WinU and Full Control both provide solid security, policy-based access control, and LAN-level remote management capabilities. WinU also includes the Simplified Replacement User Interface (see below). Since they are intended for smaller installations, WinU and Full Control work best with a modest number of simultaneous users.

Full Control Internet is designed for larger enterprises that need extensive multi-location remote management, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, in addition to security, system stabilization, and access control. Full Control Internet is not limited to just one LAN, but can provide oversight from anywhere on the Internet for a large number of simultaneous users in multiple locations.

WinU's Simplified Replacement User Interface: WinU replaces the standard Windows interface (taskbar, Start button, desktop icons, etc.) with a Simplified Replacement User Interface. Like a kiosk or an ATM machine, WinU's simplified interface is obvious and intuitive. Novices find it much easier to understand than the standard Windows interface. WinU is very customizable. The straight-ahead screen layout tools make it simple for administrators to set up a customized interface that reflects the organization's image and the needs of each individual situation.

User Interface Comparison: Stick with the Windows interface, or use a simplified replacement user interface? Each approach has its own advantages. The WinU-style interface might be better for children or novice users, because of its simplicity. The approach taken by Full Control might be better when the goal is to allow (restricted) access to the "regular" Windows interface.

Full Control and Full Control Internet allow the secure use of the regular Windows interface by monitoring the Taskbar, Start button, Control Panel, Safe Mode, desktop icons like My Computer and Network Neighborhood, programs launched by the user, etc. They don't change the way the computer is used.

WinU provides equally solid security control, and also include the Simplified Replacement User Interface. This is much easier to use than the standard Windows screen, and WinU's linked desktops are much easier for novices to understand than the standard DOS/Windows hierarchical directory structure. The Simplified Replacement User Interface is very customizable, and can provide a distinct custom-designed "look" to public-access kiosks and similar situations.

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