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How we can help: Bardon's management security products simplify system administration and bring stability and security to your computers. They provide solid security, prevent tampering and misuse, and eliminate the threat of virus, trojan, and malware installation. They also control user access to applications, and provide time limits, usage limits, and web-browser oversight. Some administrators prefer WinU to provide this management and security bundled with a task-oriented Simplified Replacement User Interface. Others choose Full Control which offers comparable solid security while using the standard Windows interface. Both products also include robust remote management capabilities.

Wireless Network Protection: A wireless computer such as a Tablet PC or traditional laptop has inherent security vulnerabilities beyond those of the wireless network itself. As wireless infrastructure solutions become more common, malevolent exploits of these vulnerabilities will inevitably become more common as well. Bardon offers a white paper which discusses these vulnerabilities and how our tools address them.

Virus/Malware Defense: Bardon's products protect against spyware, malware, adware, and Trojans, plugging a hole that traditional anti-virus products don't address. WinU 6 and Full Control 3 include Intrusion Control, malware/spyware protection, USB Port control, and enhanced oversight management to stop these nasties cold.

Bardon's Products: As a technology systems developer and publisher, Bardon Data Systems offers a range of innovative products:

Full Control runs unobtrusively in the background on a standard Windows computer and allows the administrator to specify a different desktop configuration for each user or group, which is automatically set in place when that person logs on. The administrator can restrict access to high-security programs and files, configure individual settings for different users on the same machine, and deploy standard desktop settings on stand-alone computers or over the LAN, transforming a standard Windows system into a manageable workstation.

Full Control Internet takes this one step further, allowing the administrator to remotely manage computers worldwide, from anywhere on the Internet. It also provides enhanced management capabilities, system event alerts, remote repair capabilities, and more detailed real-time oversight. Like Full Control, Full Control Internet prevents accidental or malicious system modifications, and lowers total cost of ownership both by reducing problems and by providing the means to efficiently diagnose and fix them when they do occur. It simplifies your system administration and brings stability and security to your computers.

WinU replaces the native Windows interface with a task-oriented Simplified Replacement User Interface. It is ideal for point-of-sale, public access, shop floors, task-oriented applications, and training situations, as well for users who lack advanced PC skills and might become confused by the regular Windows interface (taskbar, Start button, etc). In addition to its Simplified Replacement User Interface, WinU provides all of the same reliable access management tools as Full Control.

White Papers: click here for some documents that discuss issues which many organizations are addressing.


"The finest control over access parameters of all the utilities we tested. An excellent array of features." (Computer Buyers Guide: Click here for entire review.)


Winner, WORLD CLASS Award: "It's rare for a company to hit a home run with the first version of a new product, but that's just what Bardon Data Systems does with Full Control." (Network World: Click here for entire review.)


"Provides nearly all-encompassing control, and this iteration of the product does it over IP ... even Houdini (not to mention a determined salesperson) would have a hard time wriggling out of [it] ... allows IT managers to control any system that can see the IP address of the management console ... effectively cuts through the plethora of free management tools in later versions of Windows, such as group policies." (eWeek: Click here for entire review.)

"The best I've seen, bar none. It's complete, it's flexible, and it's rock solid." (PC World Online)


"Airtight ... sophisticated security and access-control features." (PC Magazine)


"An excellent program that should ease the worry for many PC owners." (PC Answers)


Click here for more press reviews of WinU, Full Control, or Full Control Internet.