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WinU is a full Windows user interface replacement with security access control, timeout, logging, web-browser monitoring, remote administration, and many flexible configuration options. It's easy to set up, easy to use, and virtually impossible to circumvent. It has many features heretofore found only in high-end tools, including system stabilization, access control, remote configuration, and web-browser oversight. It includes a LAN-wide management system that cuts the time and effort spent maintaining PCs in the corporate environment. It also features tech support and helpdesk tools that speed problem diagnosis and resolution. Its centralized administration tools are very useful in managing across the LAN, yet WinU is equally valuable on non-networked computers such as standalone public kiosks.

System administrators will appreciate WinU's built-in remote management and audit-trail oversight tools. They make it fast and easy to see who's doing what, and to configure a WinU station to do whatever you require, even clone that station onto another computer without re-entering anything. You can monitor and update your remote stations "on the fly" over the network or by disk for non-networked computers.

WinU's built-in activity logging can track exactly when each program was run, by whom, and for how long. It can even monitor World Wide Web page access, and the amount of time spend at each site. Its built-in reports and graphs can analyze this information, or it can be exported to any database or spreadsheet. The free Extended Administration Kit tools extend WinU in a number of directions to meet specific needs.

Best choice product: WinU replaces the regular Windows interface. Need security, but want the look and feel of the regular Windows interface? Full Control or Full Control Internet allow this. For more on the differences between WinU, Full Control, and Full Control Internet, click here.

Click here for the entire WinU manual in Acrobat PDF format.

Summary of features:

Access Control

• One Click System Stabilization prevents download, installation, or use of unauthorized software
• Read-only or invisible files and folders, CD-ROM door locking
• Window Monitor can manipulate or close any window when it appears
• Set Open/Save dialogs to that user's proper directory
• Secure logon validation and protection, even on stand-alone Windows 95/98/ME systems
• Password-protected Safe Mode prevents unauthorized reconfiguration
• Kiosk Mode to handle the most demanding public access situations

Intrusion Control

• Watches for malware-like behavior in real-time on the computer
• Prevents inadvertant installation of spyware, malware, adware, Trojans and similar nasties

USB Control

• Lock down data flow to/from USB ports and similar external sources, such as CD and DVD drives
• Prevents unauthorized data leaving the computer (data theft) and entering the computer (malware)

Interface Oversight

• Simplified Replacement User Interface designed for security and ease of use
• Prevents access to undesired Start button options, Taskbar menus, and tray icons
• Individual time limits and security settings for each application, and for each user
• Allow time per session, time per day, time per week
• Define blockout periods, during which nothing is available
• Ctrl+Alt+Del blocking, Windows/Apps keys blocking, inactivity timeout
• Custom configuration options are set automatically at logon

Web Browser Monitor

• World Wide Web browser monitor can log all Web activity
• Can prevent Web browser from accessing files on local hard disk
• Can limit Web browsers to a list of allowed sites

LAN-Wide Management

• LAN-based central administration (optional: no network required)
• Configure one Full Control computer, then distribute those settings enterprise-wide
• Full audit trail activity log of all program usage and user activity
• Diagnostic tools to aid in helpdesk support
• Built-in reports and graphs, or export data to any database or spreadsheet

Feature Descriptions:

Access control: WinU provides reliable security coverage, even in Safe Mode. It lets you specify exactly what programs can be run, by whom, and for how long. It allows full access to authorized software, yet prevents accidental or malicious system modifications. The user is validated at logon, can't run other programs, can't change the computer's setup, can't get to restricted files or folders. WinU can also control keyboard and mouse activity, boot-time behavior, shutdown options, file-save directories, and more.

Intrusion Control: Watches for malware-like behavior in real-time on the computer, and prevents these nasties from setting themselves up on your system in the first place. It can protect silently and automatically, or ask what it should do when it discovers a questionable situation. The administrator can even customize it to handle different kinds of attacks in different ways.

USB Control: Manages data flow to/from USB ports and similar external sources, such as CD and DVD drives. This can prevent unauthorized data leaving the computer (data theft) as well as preventing unauthorized data entering the computer (spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, and similar nasties).

System stabilization: After you finally get your systems the way you want them, what will keep them that way? What prevents the installation and use of unauthorized software, as soon as you turn your back? WinU can stabilize your systems with just one click, preventing unauthorized installation or use of of any new software. And it can completely oversee the use of authorized software. It can log all usage, monitor and reconfigure settings remotely. System stabilization also stops malware from running, to keep your system safe even from unknown nasties.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: The Gartner Group has estimated an annual Total Cost of Ownership of $13,187 per year per Windows PC, in part due to the cost of repairing configuration damage caused by unsophisticated or malicious users. WinU can eliminate this cost by controlling user access to configuration options, allowing companies to reduce the total cost of owning PCs while maintaining their existing investments in industry-standard hardware and software.

Web browser oversight: WinU monitors all World Wide Web browser activity by name, location, and time. You can limit the websites that users are allowed to visit, and prevent the browser from viewing or changing files on the local computer.

Application oversight: WinU logs all software usage, any attempts to access locked files or folders, attempted password hacking, and more. Its built-in reports and graphs can analyze this information, or the data can be exported to any database or spreadsheet.

Helpdesk support: When a computer acts oddly or crashes for no reason, wouldn't it be handy if support staff could call up a minute-by-minute list of all running programs? That's what Diagnostic Snapshot Logging is all about. It even lists hidden programs that won't show up on the Close Programs (Ctrl+Alt+Del) screen.

What it looks like: WinU replaces the standard Windows interface (taskbar, Start button, desktop icons, etc.) with a Simplified Replacement User Interface. Like a kiosk or an ATM machine, WinU's simplified interface is obvious and intuitive. Novices find it much easier to understand than the standard Windows interface. WinU is very customizable. The straight-ahead screen layout tools make it simple for administrators to set up a customized interface that reflects the organization's image and the needs of each individual situation.

System requirements: WinU runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7. It takes up only about 1.5 MB of disk space, and is considerate of your system setup. WinU includes a well-designed uninstaller that will remove all its files from your system should that be necessary.