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Below are a few WinU press reviews and user testimonials that you might find of interest.

User Testimonials:

"I love WinU. It is in my 12 years of computing the best security program I have seen. WinU has been more than worth every penny we spent on the program." - Benjamin Lane, Sears Roebuck & Co.

"WinU is a great educational program that we use throughout our district. I was spending an hour a day in our computer lab changing Windows settings back to their original default positions until WinU came along. Now I sit back and almost taunt the students to try to change things. I can track where students go on the Internet, shut down an entire lab of computers at once, and manage my systems remotely. Now most of my time is spent doing more important things than administering to student-created computer problems. Bardon's tech support is awesome. Whenever I have a question about how I should configure WinU, tech support is right there spending whatever time it takes to guide me through the proper setup." - Mike Seibert, Director of Educational Technology, Norwood City Schools

"We chose WinU to secure workstations here at CNN because of the ease of use, network update features for the desktops and the fast and courteous response from Bardon Data Systems. In a mission critical enviroment such as a 24 hour network we can not afford any "accidental" down time due to application or OS corruption. WinU also standardizes the interface for all the users, who may not be savvy Windows users. The buttoned desktop approach allows us to not only control what can be run when and by whom, but it also requires less training for the users. It has been a real time saver." - Jarrod Roberson, CNN / Turner Broadcasting

"Thank you again for your fine technical support. WinU is a fine product - one that I shall most certainly recommend to my colleagues who are all grappling with this demanding learning curve." - Catherine Nathan, Assistant Director for Public Services, First Regional Library, Hernando MS

"The Boston Architectural Center's academic computing facilities are used heavily by students, faculty, and (through special programs) visiting high school students. Managing the configuration of the machines and securing them has been extremely important in order to assure smooth operation. After examining security options for several months, we chose WinU for its favorable mix of ease-of-use, power and robustness, and the high quality of support for the product. Since its adoption we have eliminated virtually all of the problems we had previously encountered. Students are no longer able to corrupt the systems by installing games or changing system settings, yet our staff has full access to manage the machines and modify the configuration as required. WinU has consequently simplified our jobs and improved the reliability of our facilities." Diego Matho, Curriculum Coordinator, Boston Architectural Center

"The situation that led us to puchase WinU was the new PC computer lab in our school. We needed a program with security, as our students are very curious and enjoy technology! Our school has students from kindergarten to grade seven. All have access to this new computer lab. We needed something user friendly, yet effective, and WinU has been all that and more ... exactly what we were looking for in a security program." - Annette Becker, St. Joseph's Elementary School, Alberta Canada

"WinU has eliminated many headaches and the temptation to kill in our computer lab." - Neal Cung, Director of Information Systems, American College

"Equity Residential Properties manages hundreds of apartment buildings all over the United States. Maintaining current information on such a widely distributed group of sites is an enormous job, and on-site computer data entry is a requirement. We had to find a way to protect all those computers from tampering and unauthorized access, and at the same time make them very easy to use for our non-technical personnel. We originally thought we'd need to build our own custom software to do this. Then we discovered WinU. WinU does everything we wanted. It provides robust, reliable security, and a friendly, easy to use interface that makes it possible for virtually anyone to use our software. Also worth noting is the high quality support we've received from Bardon Data Systems. They answer questions promptly, show us how to do clever tricks with the software, and make helpful suggestions. WinU is quite extensible, and Bardon Data Systems is providing customized enhancements specific to our own individual business needs. Both the software and the company get our highest recommendation." Jeff Zickler, Vice President, Equity Residential Properties


WinU Press Reviews:

"If you're looking for a way to secure your computer, you need look no further. I've looked at other menu/security systems for Windows and WinU is the BEST I've seen, bar none. It's complete, it's flexible, and it's rock solid. Highly recommended." (PC World Online)

"A great way to enhance the safety and security of your Windows computer." (Microsoft Online,

"Sophisticated security and access-control features ... [the user] couldn't tamper with sensitive Windows system files, our Web browser, or any other off-limits areas. Highly configurable ... numerous options for changing program icons, setting time limits, providing customized warning messages, applying sound to system events, and so on. WinU can keep intruders out of your system ... ideal for security seekers on tight budgets." (PC Magazine)

"WinU is a Windows security product that actually works. Most of the security software I have seen that tries to provide access control for Windows isn't worth the investment. WinU is a notable exception. This product is worth trying out." (InfoWorld)

"WinU lets businesses and schools permit public access to their computers without risking accidental or malicious system modifications." ("Top Ten Security Tools", PC World)

"Put an end to unwanted tweaks to your computer with WinU from Bardon Data Systems. This software creates a virtual desktop over Windows and allows users to access only those programs, files, and folders you've placed on the desktop. WinU is the perfect solution for someone who isn't familiar with computers and how they operate. With this program you can turn your computer into a kiosk without having to learn how to manage user permissions." (TechTV)

"Complete ... virtually impossible to circumvent (and I tried) ... will provide you with solid security and control with a minimum of time and money." (Christian Computing)

"Easy to set up ... easy to use ... proves an excellent tool for allowing easier access to some things and a closed door to the rest." (Miami Herald)

"You can set up profiles for employees based on their responsibilities ... if a user tries to load an unauthorized program, WinU blocks its execution ... airtight. WinU may mean that systems administrators sleep a little easier. (PC Magazine)

"Solid Windows security access control, application time limits, and usage monitoring ... WinU's system administration capabilities make it a breeze to maintain any size setup. A host of free companion programs let you extend WinU in a number of directions to meet specific needs." (c|net)

"One of the best all-around security packages is WinU from Bardon Data Systems ... well worth checking out if you're looking for extensive, airtight system security. WinU is quite sophisticated, yet relatively easy to learn and navigate ... truly a first-rate application." (PC World Online)

"Makes PCs in public access applications, such as schools and libraries, tamper-proof." (PC Week Online)

"Bardon Data Systems has scored high marks with its security program WinU ... very useful for public systems in schools, libraries and businesses. All user activity can be monitored remotely and users can be aided, warned or logged off over the network. Users can easily see which programs are available to them and which are not, and how much time remains to use the program. ... WinU does a very good and thorough job both in terms of offering protection as well as in reporting afterwards. A solid product that has been developed with great eye to detail." (Computer!Totaal magazine)

"WinU is very powerful ... it offers time-outs for each menu option, controlled access to functions, and statistics on application use." (Feliciter / Canadian Library Association)

"Geared towards large institutions and companies [WinU] features network wide application install and uninstall, as well as full network logon security, allowing only registered users access to a machine. The unique rollback feature takes a snapshot of a system configuration at definable intervals. You can go back to a previous snapshot when a malicious event or person may have affected a computer's well being. With WinU, you can create a simple and clean interface with buttons for applications, functions, and settings. That means less time training people on how to use Windows and less frustration from users who have little or no computer experience." (TechTV)