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Here is WinU's complete revision history.

WinU 7 (released November 17 2010):

•  This release supports all 32 bit x86 versions of Windows, including Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. There are also new low level components, internal updates, and support for Microsoft's HTML Help system and the most recent versions of Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Running under Windows 8 requires using a tool such as WinAero's free Skip Metro Suite to disable the new-style Windows overlay.

WinU 6.5 (released June 1 2009):

•  Added support for Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, and Opera web browsers. Added support for customized and OEM web browsers. Added strong-password support at option of the administrator. Updated system time sanity check. Some minor enhancements necessary to address XP Service Pack 3. Removed redundant internal tests and crosschecks.

WinU 6.1-6.4:

•  Internal and custom versions, not publicly released.

WinU 6 (released September 1 2006):

•  Intrusion Control watches for malware-like behavior in real-time on the computer, and prevents nasties including spyware, malware, adware, and Trojans from setting themselves up on your system. USB Port Control can lock down data flow to/from USB ports and similar external sources, such as CD and DVD drives, to prevent unauthorized data leaving the computer (data theft) as well as preventing unauthorized data entering the computer (spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, etc). Cloaked Registry Key keeps settings invisible, inaccessible, and secure. Removed little-used features (checkpoint/rollback, license metering, display restrictions, registry backup, window monitor "repeatedly" option, test frequency, MS-DOS Mode support, Admin Manager based time/logon management). Can now have 999 saved diagnostic snapshots (tenfold increase). Added window control "do nothing" (exceptions) mechanism. Added some copy-all and clear-all buttons. Added interface option to center an actual-size background image. Can use root of share as Administration Manager message folder. Now always closes DUN at desk exit. Can choose bottom-half background color. Renamed the optional Remote Admnistration Kit to Extended Administration Kit.

WinU 5.7 (released April 4, 2005):

•  Enhancements necessary to address XP Service Pack 2, including new low-level drivers, new Remote Administration Manager, new uninstaller, and many internal updates.

WinU 5.6 (released September 5, 2003):

•  Updated and enhanced low-level drivers. Fixed WinU bugs and found workarounds for Windows bugs. Can now specify NT/2K/XP folders displayed in open/save dialogs. Can specify network-based applications in System Stabilization mode.

WinU 5.5 (released December 11, 2002):

•  Enhanced filesystem usage under Windows 2000 and XP, including more effective management of permissions-locked folders under NTFS. Fixed WinU bugs and found workarounds for Windows bugs. Internal rewrite and update of low level Bardon components. Auto-closed windows, including Customize windows, can be overridden by Window Control.

WinU 5.4 maintenance releases 1-4 (throughout 2002):

•  Support for Identix biometric validation, support for Windows XP, web-based online documentation, and internal enhancements and fixes.

WinU 5.4 (released July 30, 2001):

•  Added a One Click System Stabilization option which easily allows all currently installed programs, but prevents new programs from being installed or run. The setting to lock taskbar Tray icons will also lock the Quick Launch icons (on the taskbar next to the Start button). Enhanced Windows 2000 support.

WinU 5.3 (released December 1, 2000):

• Enhancements to WinU and Remote Administration Manager that decrease network traffic overhead while improving reliability.

WinU 5.2 (released October 20, 2000):

• Added support for Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Removed pages-printed oversight since that was only supported in Windows 95/98 - now all options are supported in all versions of Windows. Can change a button's background color. Updated the Emergency Passwords mechanism to address a security breach. Allow quotes in button parameters line. Added parent-title Window Control, monthly checkpoint option. Remote Administration Manager can clear the logfile. Fixed restart bug in WinU Timer program.

WinU 5.1 (released August 5, 2000):

• Enhanced web-browser oversight to increase effectiveness. Window Control now rechecks windows when titles change. Added a "Close Control Panel" checkbox as a new option. Many internal components reorganized/replaced to improve efficiency. This release includes Administration Manager 2.5.3 which has numerous internal enhancements. All the optional add-on tools in the WinU 5.0 Remote Administration Kit are still compatible with this release.

WinU 5.0 (released February 28, 2000):

• Casual and Super security modes merged into a single active-security mode. NT support. Checkpoint/rollback feature can save Windows system information, and 'roll back' to a saved configuration. Taskbar can remain visible, providing controlled use of tray icons and Start button. Simplified setup screens, similar to Full Control 2. New button-types can display Diagnostic Snapshot, start screensaver, save checkpoint, reboot computer, more. Can lock the logfile so it can't be modified by the user, only by WinU. New per-button File Control option. Can disable DOS bootup 'breakout' keys (Ctrl+Break, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Alt+Del) or even the entire keyboard. Apps started before WinU can be accessed (Alt+Tab) if allowed. New logon validation oversight: disable the Escape/Cancel (so user can't bypass the Windows logon screen), validate with Windows, validate with network server. Better oversight of Explorer windows, including Delete key, Cut/Delete menu items, toolbar buttons, access to Network Neighborhood, Control Panel, Recycle Bin, etc. Can specify 'allowed websites' which users can visit. Improved license metering. Window Control entries can include Allowed Folder restrictions. Setup mode hot key. Handles games that change screen resolution. Handy plain-text settings file. Can copy window controls and blockouts to other desks. Logs the active (foreground) window as it changes through the session, with separate entries each webpage visited, Word document edited, etc. This report provides a good way to see exactly what the user did, in what order, and for how long. Includes Administration Manager 2.4 and License Meter Manager 3.3 which can also simultaneously manage Full Control 2 and require less network resources.

WinU 4.3 (released October 21, 1998):

• Added option: after abnormal shutdown, should WinU go to previous current desk or default desk? More sophisticated restart-if-hung processing to allow for slow network connections. Fixed bugs in Hidden Drives list processing and in Start Menu management during password screen display.

WinU 4.2 (released May 28, 1998):

• Added options to more tightly control web browser monitoring, close browsers that are accessing the local file system, and allow Dial-Up Networking to continue running when changing desks. Fixed conflict with certain antivirus and similar utilities that caused slowdowns and odd hangups. Can log browser activity independent of other logging options. Added Diagnostic Snapshot Logging to aid in analysis of odd or erratic computer behavior. Restarts itself on error within 90 seconds. Better integration with Windows 98 (follow that beta). Can run on diskless workstations. Added quiet-mode install option for automated remote installations. Better control of minimized windows, and which windows remain visible generally. Coexists better with antivirus and other system-like applications. Can hide network resources and local drives in Explorer and Open/Save screens.

WinU 4.1 (released October 20, 1997):

• Built-in Web Browser Monitor, which tracks website access. Enhanced Remote Time Manager can query a remote computer for its current status. Enhanced registry backup, time-control counter, window-display tracking, and keyboard disabling at startup. Limited the %CURRTIME% meta-name to 8 digits to accomodate filenames in old-style 8.3 format. Can disable low-level monitoring. Updated Timer and Logoff applets. Remote Administration Kit now includes a working sample implementation of the customizable WinU Logon component validl.dll, plus companion bingen.exe applet and validl.txt documentation.

WinU 4.0 (released September 8, 1997):

• True file-system access control, Ctrl+Alt+Del blocking, Windows/Apps keys blocking, much better Dial-Up Networking control, CD-door locking, a new "window monitor" which can manipulate or close any window when it appears (even set Open/Save dialogs to that user's proper directory), per-user default desks, an enhanced inactivity monitor, screen saver control, much stronger "third party window" control, Cloner built into the main WinU program, a new Conditional Cloning mechanism to specify the WinU computers on which a particular button or desk should appear, can monitor the number of pages printed from each computer and report per-printer if desired, new "summary logging", remote control Apps Button, new add-on companion programs, more.

WinU 3.2 (released March 5, 1997):

• Systemwide Time Limits and Remote Time Manager, simultaneously run more than one DUN-using program, set the font and spacing of desktop buttons, first 35 buttons can have letter/number hotkeys, full use of tiled and actual-size bitmaps, enhanced remote update testing, activity monitors can now oversee Explorer features and the new Windows keys, context menus disabled in browsers and other windows, Explorer's "find" dialogs disabled, set number of seconds until password screen vanishes, "kill companion app" feature enhanced, "soft close" feature, audio Warning Time message, more.

WinU 3.1 (released December 2, 1996):

• License meter management, dynamic configuration update, disables the Common Dialog delete key and right-click context menus, strengthened "third-party window" processing, button label text no longer required, added the PrevDesk button type, wallpaper bitmap can be displayed at actual size, can tile the background bitmap, loop the desk logon sound, new interface for the Clone Setup Builder, more elements now encrypted, password dialog times out in 30 seconds, can deny use of the boot-time startup menu, enhanced remote password options, added minutes per logon cumulative time test, optional case-insensitive passwords.

WinU 3.0 (released September 16, 1996):

• Easier system administration, especially when managing a number of WinU machines on a network: clone-able buttons, desks, or entire installations, centrally managed password and timeout control, more detailed event logging, built-in usage reports and graphs. Inactivity timout. Cleaner tabbed-dialog interface. Status bar. More flexible visual interface options (wallpaper, button styles, show/hide the menu and status bar). Attach sound to WinU events. New navigation elements: DeskLink, Exit, and Shutdown buttons. Button options to AutoRun a program at desk logon, keep program running until desk logoff, and allow a program to continue to run after exiting from the desk it was started from. Can now run Shortcuts, including shortcuts to printers, Dial-Up Networking, or other Win95 components. Ultra-robust Kiosk Mode for the most demanding public-access situations. Built-in Explorer window for when you need access to the full computer (with password control of course). Much better when tracking modem-using apps. Blockout periods: times when nothing on that desk will run (for example "Every Tuesday 9 pm to 11 pm" or "Every weekday 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm"). Can disable CD-ROM autorun. QuickNotes, so you can attach a little message to a logfile record when exiting a program (perhaps for billing purposes). And the proverbial Much More.

WinU 2.0 (released January 31, 1996)

• Super Security mode, multiple desktops, setup mode, settable background color, keyboard control, highlighted focus button, right-click Properties screens for buttons and desktops, can run multiple programs concurrently, per-button password protection, improved Help system, more.

WinU 1.0 (released August 24, 1995)

•  Initial release , on the same day that Windows 95 was released.