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    Can Your Organization Deploy PCs Without
    Creating System Administration Woes?

    Bardon Data Systems

    The proliferation of individual personal computers distributed across an enterprise has delivered unparalleled power and performance to the corporate desktop. However, the astonishing variation in system configurations, installed applications, and end-user modifications has created a morass of problems for MIS managers. In addition to system performance, personnel training, and stability issues, corporations must concern themselves with potential legal problems. Employees may install unlicensed software or unauthorized files. The ready availability of programs and files from the Internet compounds these issues. If you are a system administrator for a network of personal computers, the potential chaos can be enough to make you nostalgic about the good old days of time-shared mainframes, when every desktop was exactly alike.

    Bardon's products WinU, Full Control, and Full Control Internet return control of the Windows corporate desktop to the IT department. Their power and flexibility far exceed the security controls native to the Windows platform, yet they are very easy to set up and maintain.

    Full Control runs unobtrusively in the background on a standard Windows computer, allowing the administrator to configure the desktop PC for each user or group. This includes access to programs, files, directories, modem connections, printers, and even CD-ROMs. With Full Control, the administrator can restrict access to (or even hide) high-security programs and files, configure individual settings for different users on the same machine, and deploy standard desktop settings over the LAN throughout an enterprise. At long last, an administrator can transform standard Windows systems into manageable workstations.

    Full Control Internet takes this one step further, allowing the administrator to remotely manage computers worldwide, from anywhere on the Internet. It also provides enhanced management capabilities, system event alerts, enhanced remote repair capabilities, and more detailed real-time oversight.

    WinU replaces the native Windows interface with a task-oriented screen. It is simple, secure, and customizable. WinU's "Simplified Replacement User Interface" makes it ideal for point-of-sale, public access, and training situations, as well as applications where users may lack advanced PC skills. It is perfect for applications requiring direct access to specific programs without opening up the system configuration to the end user. In addition to its simplified replacement user interface, WinU provides the same reliable access management tools as Full Control and Full Control Internet.

    With the range of Bardon products now available, your enterprise can finally take complete advantage of the low cost and power of individual PC desktops without suffering the consequences of unmanaged usage.