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    Are Your Institution's Computers
    Safe From Tampering?

    Bardon Data Systems

    Schools, libraries, agencies, and other institutions face rigorous challenges in managing their PC assets. Public abuse of institutional computers includes hacking, unauthorized Internet access, installation of unlicensed software, and operational mistakes. These problems can disable the compromised computers and even place other networked systems at risk. Further, institutions can incur legal liability for possessing illegal or unlicensed files and programs. Once they occur, the costs to rectify such problems can be many times the investment in simple prevention.

    WinU, Full Control, and Full Control Internet provide exactly the sort of system stabilization needed to meet these challenges.

    WinU provides a secure, easy-to-understand replacement for the standard Windows interface. Users see on the screen only those programs authorized by the system administrator. The administrator can determine whether users will have access to resources such as drives, printers, modems, CD-ROMs, and the like. WinU's simplified replacement user interface makes it ideal for public access or instructional environments, where the emphasis is on a specific set of tasks rather than the computer system itself. It is particularly useful when an institution cannot anticipate the user's PC training level. And WinU's access security control is especially useful in such situations, because even users without malicious intentions can inadvertently disable a standard Windows computer through unrestricted access to system setting options.

    Full Control manages PC systems used by administrative personnel and others who require access to the standard Windows desktop. Unlike WinU, it does not replace the Windows interface. Instead, it runs in the background to ensure the stability and standardization of PCs throughout the institution. Administrators determine which programs will run on what computers. They can set different configurations for different users (even on the same machine), protect confidential files and directories, and control access to programs, files, drives, printers, directories, modems, and CD-ROMs.

    The combination of WinU and Full Control offers an institution versatility, stability and control in the usage of PCs deployed throughout the organization.